My name is Konstantin.
I make iOS, macOS, Android and Web applications.

You can contact me via medvedenko@gmail.com

My First Publicly Available App

(Among dozens, developed as a contractor)

RAW Experience — RAW photo format emulator.

I'm a co-founder at Nerdish.io

Nerdish is an education app to learn something new every day. Get new knowledge, facts and concepts about everything in the world. We offew short, science-based, and inspiring articles in such topic categories as Art and Culture, Health and Human Body, History, Politics and Society, Psychology, Technology, and Science. With Nerdish you may learn:

My web-projects

DefendUA.com — pixellated map of Ukraine, awarding pixels for donations to fundraisers of Ukrainian volunteers.

Tirebird.com — where to buy automotive tires near your location — online tire dealer catalog.

PhotoScope.me allows creating photo selfie collages with remote friends.

KodQR.com.pl — online QR code generator.

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